Earthquakes in the past 7 days of magnitude 3.0 or greater within 2000 mi
Update time = Fri, 20-Sep-2019 5:27am PDT

Epicenter Near Magnitude Distance to Epicenter Time Link
53 mi E of Chernabura Island, Alaska 4.1 0025491584 mi 1568980041Fri, 20-Sep-2019 4:47am PDT map
54 mi NW of Arctic Village, Alaska 3.1 0027761725 mi 1568976729Fri, 20-Sep-2019 3:52am PDT map
55 mi NNW of Kobuk, Alaska 3.1 0030241879 mi 1568975495Fri, 20-Sep-2019 3:31am PDT map
5 mi NNW of Borrego Springs, CA 3.3 001605997 mi 1568972863Fri, 20-Sep-2019 2:47am PDT map
55 mi NNW of Kobuk, Alaska 3.4 0030211877 mi 1568965039Fri, 20-Sep-2019 12:37am PDT map
33 mi N of Kobuk, Alaska 3.3 0029821853 mi 1568965034Fri, 20-Sep-2019 12:37am PDT map
78 mi NNW of Arctic Village, Alaska 3.0 0028091745 mi 1568947228Thu, 19-Sep-2019 7:40pm PDT map
39 mi ESE of Chirikof Island, Alaska 3.6 0023421455 mi 1568904551Thu, 19-Sep-2019 7:49am PDT map
36 mi SE of King Salmon, Alaska 3.5 0024941550 mi 1568903694Thu, 19-Sep-2019 7:34am PDT map
50 mi WNW of Yakutat, Alaska 3.4 0018521150 mi 1568901232Thu, 19-Sep-2019 6:53am PDT map
3 mi WNW of Bombay Beach, CA 3.6 0016231009 mi 1568887186Thu, 19-Sep-2019 2:59am PDT map
49 mi NW of Yakutat, Alaska 3.0 0018561153 mi 1568878143Thu, 19-Sep-2019 12:29am PDT map
3 mi NW of Parkfield, CA 3.1 001217756 mi 1568843105Wed, 18-Sep-2019 2:45pm PDT map
10 mi SE of Caldwell, Kansas 3.2 0024341512 mi 1568702683Mon, 16-Sep-2019 11:44pm PDT map
28 mi SE of North Nenana, Alaska 3.2 0024721536 mi 1568691937Mon, 16-Sep-2019 8:45pm PDT map
26 mi W of Willow, Alaska 5.2 0023981490 mi 1568682595Mon, 16-Sep-2019 6:09pm PDT map
61 mi N of Larsen Bay, Alaska 3.0 0023981490 mi 1568666573Mon, 16-Sep-2019 1:42pm PDT map
3 mi WNW of Bombay Beach, CA 3.8 0016231008 mi 1568657511Mon, 16-Sep-2019 11:11am PDT map
10 mi E of Marion, Kansas 3.2 0023961489 mi 1568645972Mon, 16-Sep-2019 7:59am PDT map
14 mi NE of Anchor Point, Alaska 3.0 0023311448 mi 1568634821Mon, 16-Sep-2019 4:53am PDT map
12 mi SE of Lopez Point, CA 3.0 001202747 mi 1568626584Mon, 16-Sep-2019 2:36am PDT map
12 mi NW of Cottonwood Falls, Kansas 3.9 0023961489 mi 1568619447Mon, 16-Sep-2019 12:37am PDT map
83 mi SE of Akutan, Alaska 3.0 0029541835 mi 1568608333Sun, 15-Sep-2019 9:32pm PDT map
81 mi SSW of Fort McPherson, Canada 3.4 0023031431 mi 1568600148Sun, 15-Sep-2019 7:15pm PDT map
38 mi NNE of Petersburg, Alaska 3.0 001335829 mi 1568549763Sun, 15-Sep-2019 5:16am PDT map
58 mi NE of Kobuk, Alaska 3.1 0029611840 mi 1568529844Sat, 14-Sep-2019 11:44pm PDT map
83 mi SSW of False Pass, Alaska 3.5 0029061806 mi 1568490055Sat, 14-Sep-2019 12:40pm PDT map
13 mi SW of Akutan, Alaska 5.4 0030431891 mi 1568467554Sat, 14-Sep-2019 6:25am PDT map
9 mi SE of Soda Springs, Idaho 3.1 001088676 mi 1568463228Sat, 14-Sep-2019 5:13am PDT map
14 mi SSW of Seal Beach, CA 3.5 001527949 mi 1568454519Sat, 14-Sep-2019 2:48am PDT map
21 mi W of Nikiski, Alaska 3.0 0023891484 mi 1568443080Fri, 13-Sep-2019 11:38pm PDT map
27 mi NE of Chirikof Island, Alaska 3.3 0023811480 mi 1568415411Fri, 13-Sep-2019 3:56pm PDT map
15 mi NNE of Montpelier, Idaho 3.3 001114692 mi 1568396095Fri, 13-Sep-2019 10:34am PDT map
71 mi NNW of Arctic Village, Alaska 3.1 0028011741 mi 1568387498Fri, 13-Sep-2019 8:11am PDT map
74 mi WSW of Chirikof Island, Alaska 3.2 0024971552 mi 1568378772Fri, 13-Sep-2019 5:46am PDT map

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